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The Perfect Lawn, installed properly, will give you a beautiful lawn without the expense and inconvenience of maintaining a “natural lawn”. You also eliminate the environmental impact of maintaining a “natural lawn”. No more watering, mowing, fertilizing, pesticides, re-seeding, insects, allergies or muddy paws. The Perfect Lawn is the best alternative to “natural grass”.

Yes, the artificial grass fibers used in what we install at The Perfect Lawn have undergone many years of research and development, including extensive UV stability and wear resistance testing. The grass fibers we use have been installed on over 1 Billion sq. ft. of sports fields worldwide over the past 45 years. The polyethylene in the artificial grass we install  does not contain any harmful components and our products are heavy metal and lead free.

Choose the right product for your application. Pet Grass is ideal for high use dog areas. Fescue is ideal for play areas, etc… Your installer will help you choose the right product for your need. As low-cost competitors flood the market with similar looking products – it’s only after they have been in the ground for 3-5 years you can start to notice the difference, not the first day they are installed.

Most people have artificial grass professionally installed for approximately $9 – $12 per sq. ft. There is a considerable amount of base preparation required to install The Perfect Lawn which significantly contributes to the cost of installation. The Perfect Lawn is an excellent investment and offers tremendous value.

The UV stabilizers are blended into the fibers during the extrusion process. The fibers aren’t simple coated with a UV protectant. Having the UV stabilizers built into the grass blades ensures a long lasting color that will not fade. UV stabilizers are expensive and most outdoor products on coat their products with a finish that will last for a few years. Low quality artificial grass does not use UV stabilizers at all. These products begin to fade in 2 – 3 years.

No, the various materials and manufacturing process ultimately determines the quality and price of the end product. You may not be able to see the differences in a good fiber and a cheap fiber. In time you will know. We also provide excellent customer service. If there is ever an issue we will take care of it.

Buy high quality artificial grass and know the source of the product. If you are trying to get artificial grass installed at the lowest possible price you may want to reconsider installing it. Installing low quality artificial grass defeats the purpose of having artificial grass installed. There is no value in purchasing any product that has to be replaced in a few years.

Almost 80% of people that have The Perfect Lawn have pets. In most cases they want artificial grass because of  their pets! The Perfect Lawn will stand up to your dog. Liquid waste drains through the backing and solid waste is easily picked up. No more muddy paws and no more dead dry grass blades being tracked into the house.

The Perfect Lawn is great for kids. No more grass stains or allergies and virtually no bugs. The Perfect Lawn makes a great play area and will handle the constant use. Artificial grass does get hot in direct sunlight and we recommend a quick spray of water to cool it off. Artificial grass stays cooler than hardscape products and is much more functional.

It is more of matter of keeping it clean than maintenance. On occasion, a perimeter weed treatment may be required. Depending on your unique situation some weeds may grow on top of all these products. Easily remove organic materials from the surface by using a leaf blower. Rakes may be required for moving heavier objects; however, a leaf blower is an ideal tool for general upkeep. A stiff bristle broom can be used to brush up the high traffic areas worn from use.  Professional maintenance cleanings by our crew are recommended 2-4 times per year.

Several of our customers have sold their homes and reported that their synthetic lawns added tremendously to the salability of the prospect of purchasing a home with a beautiful lawn that required little to no maintenance.

An average landscaping area might take 1 to 3 days. Each installation is customized, so it is hard to determine this without a site visit. Larger jobs and areas with limited access take longer.

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