Artificial turf for Dogs or Artificial Pet turf

Artificial Pet Turf: Why Artificial Turf for Dogs is Best

Artificial Turf for Dogs

Pet owners are quickly discovering that artificial pet turf is a safer, cleaner, and overall best alternative to natural grass. Installing pet turf in your backyard or dog run reduces the time you spend cleaning your furry friend and repairing your yard from its use. And with a commitment to making sure your furry little one stays safe and healthy, we can assure that our artificial pet turf pass all necessary safety standards before ever arriving at your property.

Benefits Artificial Pet turf

Artificial pet turf looks exactly like the real thing except it is fuss-free and easy to maintain. It is almost impossible to ruin and perfect for dog owners. Additionally, artificial grass doesn’t fade and stays green throughout the seasons. There are many benefits of artificial pet turf, and the main ones are listed below.

1- Natural Pest Control

A virtually pest-free yard begins with artificial grass. While pests may be a big problem, artificial pet turf offers an easy solution. Natural grass is home to fleas and ticks that bite pets and carry diseases. With our artificial pet turf, you can forget about these blood-sucking pests once and for all! That is one of the top reasons why Artificial Turf Dallas for dogs is best for dogs. Insects don’t live on artificial grass turf, so your pets can roll in the grass all they want without the risk of catching a single flea. It will also save you money because you will no longer need to spend on insecticides traps, and other items to get rid of pests.

Artificial pet turf reduces the amount of wildlife visiting your yard also. Small animals like rabbits, mice, gophers, and raccoons like to chew on various plants, grasses or dig holes to nest. They can’t do any of that with artificial turf. Rabbits and gophers will find it impossible to dig through the infill and backing and will soon discover artificial turf can’t be eaten. Field mice will move on to another spot for the same reason. Not only is installing artificial turf good at making your lawn more enjoyable without pests, but it is also a humane way to reduce bothersome wildlife as they will voluntarily leave you alone.

2- Non-Toxic

Weeds that grow on the lawn can be very harmful to your pets. Some plants cause nausea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, and excessive drooling. Plus, the chemical fertilizers and pesticides that you use to get rid of those weeds are even more toxic. Our artificial pet turf is far more weed resistant than natural grass, eliminating the need for these harmful chemicals. This is because artificial grass removes the elements that are needed for weeds to survive.

3- Easy to Clean

Another benefit of installing artificial turf for dogs is significantly reducing messes. If you are tired of cleaning up mud from your carpet and floors, pet turf is the perfect solution. Without dirt, Synthetic Grass Dallas  doesn’t get muddy and also doesn’t become slippery when met. There is also no need to worry about discoloration from urine either! Pet turf is permeable, so the fluids will just drain through to the ground. And feces will be easier to pick up from the short artificial grass.

4- Durable Pet Turf

While we love our dogs and pets, they can easily damage and ruin a grass lawn. This isn’t the case with artificial turf for dogs. Installing pet turf means no more unsightly holes or urine-stained patches. Our pet-friendly artificial grass is designed for comfort and utmost durability with thatch composition. It can thus withstand moderate to heavy traffic for rough play and performance. This is why many Dallas homeowners choose The Perfect Lawn artificial turf and installation. In fact, nearly 80% of our clients have pets!

Pet Turf Installation in Dallas

The Perfect Lawn is the best artificial turf for pet owners and pets alike. Eliminating those unsightly yellow spots, no longer needing to use toxic chemicals, helping the planet, and creating a new outdoor sanctuary for everyone to enjoy: it is a no brainer. A perfectly installed artificial lawn or turf dog run by our professional team of Dallas landscapers help keep your pet happy and healthy. To get a free quote on artificial turf and installation, call our office at (972) 757-1575 today.