Green Artificial Grass

Green Artificial Grass Benefits the Environment

If all you are familiar with is the “AstroTurf” of the past, green artificial grass is not what you think it is. Back in the days when this concept was introduced, artificial grass was made of plastic only. However, nowadays, when humans have started worldwide environmental projects, trying harder than ever to protect the planet, the idea of artificial grass had to be reconsidered. 

The eco-friendly artificial turf is now made of various non-toxic materials, that offer a more natural look and feel. The “green” artificial grass is no longer a threat to the environment. Rather, it is an appealing, low-maintenance grass alternative that has a positive influence on the environment.

Green Artificial Grass Benefits

1- No Harmful Fuel Emissions

The first thing that comes to mind is that the eco-friendly turf, or green artificial grass, doesn’t need the level of maintenance as the real grass does. In this way, the costs can be reduced and the money spent in a better way. 

Think about all mowing and trimming that is needed to produce a good looking grass lawn. This maintenance releases harmful emissions into the environment. With artificial grass, this maintenance is no longer necessary. As a result, decreased fuel emission will impact air quality and promote healthier surroundings.

2- No Toxic Pesticides and Fertilizers

Environmentally-friendly turfs also don’t require the use of pesticides, which often impose an imminent danger for our health. Although artificial lawns require larger money investments at the beginning, the expenses are worthy in the long run. The buyers don’t need to pay for the chemical-based fertilizers that are known for polluting the soil and water systems.

3- Save Water

Water is a precious resource, and artificial grass is a one sure way to conserve lots of it. Nationwide, landscape irrigation is estimated to account for nearly one-third of all residential water use, totaling nearly 9 billion gallons per day. Green artificial grass can help eliminate the need for this water to be unnecessarily wasted each year. 

Artificial grass maintains it’s natural green color and fullness without needing to be watered. This not only helps the environment, but saves homeowners significantly cut their water bills. Especially in hotter climates such as Texas.

4- Clean and Green Artificial Grass

Some of you might be wondering, how clean is the artificial turf? The irrefutable fact is that natural grass is easier to clean, whether using water or simply waiting for the rain to fall. When it comes to this man-made solution, some manufacturers incorporate antimicrobial agents into their design. Just like in nature, you can use a brush to get rid of the larger debris, making sure to give it a light rinse afterward.

If you take good care of the lawn, it might last up to 20 years. The lifespan will also depend on the application method, as well as the type of grass you chose, ranging from a rigid design that can withstand rough ball games to soft grass where you want to let your baby crawl while enjoying a family day out.

Upgrade Today: Get The Perfect Lawn

Regardless of the design you chose, all green artificial grass is known to be odor-free, anti-microbial and anti-fungal. While they are not 100% natural, we would say that man has made this nearly perfect. It resembles the real grass, and plus, you get to customize it to your liking.

The best thing is that you no longer need to waste hours to maintain a beautiful lawn, and you are also helping the planet thrive by saving water and contributing to the world. If you live in North Texas and want to get a free quote on green artificial grass, contact The Perfect Lawn. We are a top-rated landscaping and artificial grass company in Dallas – Fort Worth. Give our local landscapers a call at (972) 757-1575.