Synthetic Grass Sports Turf Installation

5 Reasons to Choose Synthetic Grass for Sports Fields

Sports field owners, managers, and homeowners have discovered that investing in synthetic turf is a solid long-term investment. Providing both a safe and resilient sports surface that can be used all year round, sports turf makes the most sense for fields and pitches. Synthetic sports turf offers an attractive, lush, dependable and secure surface, requiring the minimum of resources and maintenance. On top of that, the savings made on water bills alone will take a large wedge out of the setup costs. Here are the five most common reasons people choose artificial grass for sports, both in commercial and residential applications.

Sports Turf is More Practical

Every community wants a safe and accessible playing surface for all the people of the city to enjoy, the young and the old. Providing a secure and resilient surface all year round has fast become a priority for many sporting groups. Given the unpredictable nature of weather these days, maintaining a perfectly safe playing surface has become increasingly difficult, if not impossible at some times of the year. Natural grass is subject to disease, and the turf underneath can easily be damaged after heavy rainfall, resulting in bare patches and uneven spots on the surface. These all contribute to a hazardous playing surface for anyone choosing to use it. This can all be avoided by installing synthetic grass.

Synthetic Grass Isn’t an Eyesore in Winter and Spring

Artificial sports turf stays looking fresh and green all year round, unlike natural playing surfaces. It is impossible to maintain a natural grass field in the face of overuse and poor weather. Establishing and maintaining a natural turf requires far more care and attention. Natural grass that is used regularly is challenging to maintain in prime condition. Depending on the season, a grass field needs hours of professional maintenance every week. However, none of these issues exists with synthetic sports turfs. In fact, artificial sports turf is ready for use immediately after installation. With virtually no effort to maintain.

Turf is Far better for the Environment

Artificial sports surfaces do not require regular watering. A standard size playing field can need up to one million gallons of water a year to maintain. Installing artificial grass will save the community thousands in water bills. Artificial surfaces do not need to be mowed or fertilized, reducing the amount of oil used in their maintenance. They do not need any pesticides that are equally bad for the environment. And to top it off artificial grass these days incorporate recycled products, reducing the amount of waste in our landfills.

Athletes Experience Less Injuries

The smooth and even surface from sports turf allows athletes to reach their peak performance with much less chance of injury. One reason for this is because artificial grass does not become muddy and patchy like natural grass does. In areas where natural grass experiences more wear and tear, holes and dead patches can occur. Additionally, bad weather can leave regular grass sports fields muddy. When these things happen, the sports field becomes uneven and slippery. Making children and athletes more likely to trip and resulting far too commonly in broken or strained ankles.

Install Sports Turf

The popularity of synthetic sports turf is growing across the country as communities are becoming more aware of the importance of a safe, cost effective, and long-lasting sports field. This is why parks, sports fields, and homes in North Texas choose The Perfect Lawn‘s sports turf. Our durable sports turf is perfect for indoor and outdoor sports, including ballparks and football, lacrosse, and soccer fields for both commercial and residential applications. To get a free quote on sports turf installation, contact our professional contractors at (972) 757-1575.