Artificial Grass. Perfectly Made, Perfectly Installed.

Artificial Grass is a rapidly growing industry and demand for Artificial Grass is expanding faster than ever before. With a nationwide drought and the desire for low maintenance, eco-friendly landscapes more people are choosing Artificial Grass. Artificial Grass is made on the same type of machines that are used to make carpet. Yarns (blades of grass) are tufted into a primary backing and then coated with a secondary backing. Like carpet, the appearance and durability varies significantly based on the quality of the yarns, primary backing and secondary backing.

The price of high quality Artificial Grass is similar to the price of high quality carpeting. However, the cost associated with installing Artificial Grass is significantly higher than installing carpet. Carpet is generally laid on top of carpet padding over a pre-existing concrete foundation. Artificial Grass is typically laid on top of a compacted crushed stone base.

Proper installation of Artificial Grass requires the existing grass or soil to be completely removed and replaced with a compacted crushed stone base. This significantly increases the cost of installation because you essentially have to replace the existing foundation and create a new foundation. If your carpet installer had to remove your existing concrete foundation and create a new one the cost of carpet installation would be much higher. You wouldn’t get “Free Installation” as many national retailers advertise. Artificial Grass installation also requires infill and more trimming than a typical carpet installation.

Many landscapers, distributors and even homeowners believe that “all artificial grass is the same” with only variations in color and density. This is not true. Saying that “all artificial grass is the same” would be like saying all cars are the same with only variations in color and models. The brand of any product will have significant variations in quality as well as aesthetics. The same is true for Artificial Grass. You wouldn’t buy a car or even an appliance without knowing what brand it is.

There are a number of homeowners that find out the hard way that there are significant variations in the quality of artificial grass. In some cases the product they purchased fades and disintegrates within a few years. They may have saved a few dollars but now they are faced with replacing the defective product with a new product, which eliminates their saving and potentially doubles their cost when having to replace their Artificial Grass with a quality Artificial Grass product. Click here to see an example of this.

It can be very difficult to determine the quality of an Artificial Grass product based on appearance and feel alone. A high quality Artificial Grass product may look very similar to a low quality product. If you are comparing products it can be very easy to choose the product that has a lower cost because you are unable to distinguish the differences. Information about Artificial Grass is inconsistent and rarely objective. A multitude of terms, jargon and unclear stories make the world of Artificial Grass anything but transparent.

Like all other products, the brand is important in determining the quality. Like any other product just because you pay a higher price for a brand doesn’t necessarily mean it is of a higher quality. Overall you want to find the product that best suits your needs and delivers the best value. In the world of Artificial Grass there is no “label” other than the one that may be attached to the sample you receive.

When it comes to Artificial Grass there are only a few brands that represent high quality and value. Some brands offer high quality but charge a higher retail price which takes away from the value. Many landscapers who install Artificial Grass simply buy the lowest price product or what is readily available in their local area. In many cases landscapers do not know the true source of the Artificial Grass they are installing.

Many distributors sell foreign made products and represent them as US made products. Unfortunately many homeowners find themselves calling their landscaper because there is a problem with their Artificial Grass. The landscaper calls his supplier only to find out they are out of business or there is nothing they can do to replace the product. In many cases the warranty they offer is not honored or the distributor selling the Artificial Grass is no longer in business. Click here to see an example of this.

Just because an Artificial Grass product is made in the US does not mean it is of higher quality. In some cases some of the poorest quality Artificial Grass products are made in the US. Some manufacturers significantly reduce the quality of their product in order to compete with foreign made products or they use remnant or defective fibers from sports fields.

The production of Artificial Grass is a highly automated process. The labor involved is generally setting up a machine for production, monitoring the machine during production and inspecting the Artificial Grass as it is being produced. Click here to see how it is made.

A majority of the cost to produce Artificial Grass is in the components, mainly the yarn. High quality resins and UV inhibitors from companies such as DOW have a high cost. Many foreign manufacturers do not use high quality components, especially the yarn. Since there are no inherent cost savings in producing Artificial Grass overseas you simply end up with lower quality product. Once you factor transport, handling, distribution and retail mark-up there is no value in purchasing foreign made Artificial Grass.

The quality of the Artificial Grass installation is just as important as the quality of the product. Make sure you choose an installation company that is experienced in Artificial Grass installation. Check references, visit previous jobs and confirm the source and brand of the product you are buying.

As with any rapidly growing industry you have to be diligent in selecting the product and company you choose to install your Artificial Grass. We will help you make an informed decision. Artificial Grass is an excellent investment and offers tremendous value. Make sure you choose the right product and company for your needs. We have the highest quality Artificial Grass and are here to help make the best choice for your needs. All of our products are genuine USA made products. You can contact us here or call us directly at 1-888-865-5296.