DIY Artificial Grass Installation Mistakes

Common Mistakes When Installing Artificial Grass

Now that you have decided to install DIY artificial grass, did you know that doing it yourself can be a costly affair? Contrary to what people think, installing DIY artificial grass needs a certain level of expertise to achieve quality outcomes. Laying artificial grass isn’t like laying carpet or throwing out a rug. 

Modern materials combined with specialized installation techniques make this a project better suited to an experienced landscaper rather than a first-time DIY attempt. That is why you need to hire a trusted landscaper to install it the right way. Here are common mistakes that many people make when they opt for a DIY artificial grass installation.

DIY Artificial Grass of The Past Vs. Artificial Grass Today

Younger homeowners may not remember but a lot of folks recall seeing the artificial grass laid in football and baseball stadiums in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It was a terrific new technology that saved time and money on mowing, weeding, edging, and general maintenance. However, like all new technology, DIY artificial grass had a long way to go. In the past, you could spot artificial turf a mile away. And while it was more durable than grass, it wasn’t enough.

Fast-forward about half a century and the world is a different place for artificial grass. New formulas and manufacturing techniques have added to the beauty, softness, durability, and overall appeal. For the same reasons as existed previously, artificial grass makes a lot of sense. for homeowners and commercial property owners. New compounds with silicon and recycled rubber are much more durable and simulate traditional grass with less deterioration due to sunlight or high temperatures.

Installing On Uneven Ground

The surface that you are installing artificial grass on should be even for your compound to look neat. The mistake that you are likely to make if you choose to install the grass on your own is to do it on an uneven ground. A professional will definitely know the importance of an even surface when installing DIY artificial grass.

Some of the things that create unevenness on a surface are tree roots and stones. So, anything that causes bumpiness on the surface where you want to install artificial grass needs clearing. This is an often overlooked factor, but it can cost you a great amount of time and money if you fail to take care of it prior to the installation.

Overlooking the Drainage Factor

Proper drainage is imperative when installing artificial grass. This helps to prevent water logging. That being said, many people end up with sitting water at the surface of their DIY artificial grass. The sight of this is really bad. This is often the result of not hiring a professional landscaper to put in place proper drainage. 

Truth be said, overlooking the drainage factor can cause serious problems for you, especially during the rainy season. The tricky thing with this is that even when you aren’t seeing water at the surface of the grass, it might be accumulating underneath. Therefore, the best action to take is to hire the services of a professional to help you out.

Irregular Joins

Another common mistake that you are likely to make when installing Artificial Turf Dallas is having irregular joins. The beautiful look of your lawn depends on many things, and one among them is the evenness of joins. If you happen to leave gaps between rolls, this will be a big problem in the future. It will be a tedious task to correct it afterwards.

Instead of giving room for the uneven joins to become so conspicuous, the best thing to do is to ensure that you achieve a regular finish. If you have a challenge in ensuring that the joins are even and level, it’s prudent to allow a trusted artificial grass installer to do it for you.

Professional Artificial Grass Installation

Now that you have known the mistakes that most people make when installing DIY artificial grass, you are better placed to avoid them. Your lawn should look great, and that will be as a result of the right installation procedures. The truth is that this is not an easy job, and that is why hiring an expert would be a wise move. Pay much attention to the above-mentioned, and have your artificial grass installed the right way with help from The Perfect Lawn

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