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Landscape Design: Stunning Ideas for Synthetic Grass

The convenience and versatility of synthetic grass make it a popular element in landscape design. Synthetic grass has evolved from shiny green plastic spotted a mile away to such a life-like look that it’s impossible to tell the grass is artificial until you touch it or notice there are no brown patches in sight. With help from professional landscapers, homeowners find new and interesting ways to use artificial turf with live plants, rocks, and concrete to create stylish and imaginative yards.

Landscape Design Using Synthetic Grass

Artificial turf is an excellent choice for almost any area, including roofs, patios, and balconies. Your lawn will be one of the most unique in the neighborhood once you realize the ways you can use artificial grass in landscape design. Whether you want an elaborate, mature design or a fun landscape plan your kids will remember forever, synthetic grass may be the first thing to consider. In fact, here are some ideas of stunning ways to use premium fake grass in your next landscaping project.

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Outdoor Entertaining

Synthetic grass pairs perfectly with patio pavers to create a sophisticated outdoor entertaining area. Putting two contrasting textures together, such as hard stone pavers and soft grass, adds visual weight to the space. In other words, the components of your landscape design will be able to draw the eye more easily.

Where to use synthetic grass and pavers:

  • Patio
  • Pathway
  • Around Pool
  • Driveway
  • Outdoor Eating Area

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Synthetic grass installation elevates the quality and appearance of a terrace. For instance, you can turn a cement patio or balcony into a small garden getaway, just by using synthetic grass and a few plants. Not only is it more visually appealing than concrete, synthetic grass is also more comfortable too. Artificial turf can be used on patios and porches as either a solid cover or formed into a design that can be used in conjunction with pavers, stone, or other landscaping materials.

Where to install synthetic grass:

  • Balcony
  • Rooftop
  • Patio
  • Deck

Interior Design

Integrating synthetic grass into your interior design is an easy way to add color to your space. Artificial grass brings the outdoors inside, without the mess, which can also provide a fresh new feel to the interior of your home.

Where to incorporate synthetic grass in interior design:

  • Office
  • Sunroom
  • Play Room
  • Gym
  • Rec Room
  • Home Studio

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Artificial Lawn

Premium, realistic Artificial Grass Dallas has become a popular and eco-friendly choice. Especially for homeowners who want to maintain a perfect lawn. But without all of the costly maintenance. Mixing artificial grass with boulders, cacti, shade trees and flowers creates an oasis that looks fully native to the area. Additionally, your artificial lawn will continue to maintain its vibrant color in every season.

Where to add synthetic grass to your lawn:

Landscape Design in Dallas

The Perfect Lawn is DFW’s trusted and preferred artificial grass installation company. In addition to our top-quality synthetic grass, our hard-earned reputation comes from our commitment to providing world-class customer service and professional landscape design. With many durable styles that look and feel just like healthy grass, our artificial turf will be a beautiful addition to your home. 

However, don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong team or taking on a meticulous landscape design project yourself. Instead, call The Perfect Lawn. Our Dallas landscapers have the necessary training, vision, and expertise to help create incredible designs with synthetic grass for both residential and commercial applications.

Now that you see the limitless way of using artificial grass in landscape design, contact our team to get a fast and free estimate. To get started, call us at (972) 757-1575 or fill out the contact form now.

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