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Artificial Grass Maintenance

Artificial Grass Maintenance

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Artificial Grass maintenance is essential even though they are low-maintenance. 

Installing fake grass makes your yard year-round lush green and beautiful.

To ensure maximum life and beauty, a regular cleaning routine is needed.  Being exposed to the elements, there are things bound to need attention.

Here are some tips for maintaining your artificial grass.


Tips for Artificial Grass Maintenance

Tips for Artificial Grass Maintenance
Our tips for artificial grass maintenance will keep your lawn looking fresh, green and healthy all season long

Remove leaves and other yard debris regularly.

Being out in the open, the artificial grass is visited by all kinds of yard debris.  Flowers from trees in the spring, fruit or seeds from plants in summer, and leaves in the winter – all of them find their way to cover your lush green beauty in the yard.

It is essential to use a leaf blower, plastic rake, or a stiff brush to remove all these visitors regularly.

If left there for too long, they can not only create an ugly scene but also reduce the life of your artificial grass investment.

Make a routine to do this light cleaning once a week.

Clear out Pet dropping

Pet Urine and other waste ruin the outdoor living with awful smell and sight.

These have to be cleared out right away to increase the life of your grass.

You can use professional artificial grass cleaners for this task.

Brush the grass

If the grass looks dull at any time, wash it with light soapy water and a stiff brush.

This will bring the vibrant color and lush green grass back to life.

Apply Weed Killer

Weeds have a way of growing in the areas where you hope they would not, if you do not believe me, as a gardener.

Applying a weed killer twice a year will ensure they cannot damage the beautiful lush green patch.

If any of them starts to germinate, they can be easily removed.

Artificial Grass Maintenance Services

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