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Install Artificial Grass to Help You Achieve 2020 New Year Resolutions

Popular New Year’s Resolutions include getting in shape, saving money, and spending more time outdoors and with family. Setting goals is the ‘easy’ part, but we all know that the execution of our resolutions is often easier said than done. That is why it is important to set yourself up for success and ensure you have everything you need to get started. If your New Year’s resolutions are similar to the ones mentioned above, here’s a little-known tip to help you achieve these goals: install artificial grass. Here’s how an artificial grass landscape can set you up for success in 2020 and finally have the lawn of your dreams.


Why Install Artificial Grass?

Upgrading from natural grass to artificial grass will make a big impact on your 2020 and many years to come. Listed below are seven popular new year’s resolutions that an artificial grass lawn can help you achieve.

Spend More Time Outdoors

A hypoallergenic artificial lawn with the most natural look and feel will make spending more time outdoors much more enjoyable. Homeowners who install artificial grass often do so because they know their lawns will always look lush and inviting, and can readily withstand traffic from children, pets, and guests.

Artificial grass is perfect for entertaining outdoors. In fact, our premium artificial grass is high-heel-friendly. You and your guests will be able to enjoy the outdoors without fear of your heels sinking in or getting caught in live grass strands. At the same time, regular lawn maintenance takes up valuable time. This is no longer an issue with an artificial lawn, as it takes very little to continue looking beautiful all year round.  You can spend the free time outdoors enjoying the beautiful yard.

Stress Less

Many people despise the tedious chores that are a necessary burden when you have a natural lawn. If you are tired of wasting your free time on mowing and watering your lawn, artificial grass can help you get your weekends back. When you install artificial grass, you no longer have to spend so much time and energy on lawn maintenance. This is because you get to have a beautiful lawn without the ongoing mowing, seeding, edging, weeding, fertilizing, watering, and aerating it takes to keep natural grass looking good. By switching to a low-maintenance artificial lawn, you can have more time to relax and stress less in 2020 and beyond.

Get Active

Are you striving to get active in the new year? While you certainly can exercise on a grass lawn, it is not particularly motivating. From slippery and uneven ground to mud and grass stains, living grass can make working out a pain. This is where artificial grass comes in. For years, artificial grass sports turf has been used in fields and stadiums as a safer, more durable alternative to natural grass. 

When you install artificial grass in your yard or home gym, you too can benefit from a long-lasting and inviting workout space. Strength training, yoga and CrossFit workouts outdoors are enjoyable with a comfortable and resilient surface beneath you. Plus, when you install artificial grass you no longer have to worry about holes or patches. This can prevent a tripping hazard and can possibly prevent twisting an ankle.

Start a New Hobby

The new year is a great time to dive into a new hobby! There are many you can start from your own backyard. For instance, golfing is one of the world’s most popular hobbies, and with artificial grass, it is easy and convenient to set up at your house. Our Dallas landscaping crew can install artificial grass backyard golf and putting greens. An artificial lawn is also ideal for hobbies such as gardening, photography, yoga, tennis, and more. The options are endless when you install artificial grass in your backyard.

Save Money

Let’s face it – watering a grass lawn can be expensive, especially in areas that do not get a lot of rain. When you install artificial grass, watering and costly maintenance are no longer needed. All that adds up to great savings. Unlike real grass, artificial lawns stay looking green and lush without any chemical help. And because the material does not provide food or a living area for bugs, pest problems are virtually eliminated. 

The lack of pesticides and fertilizers is good for the environment. Plus, it helps you save more money. While artificial grass has a higher installation cost than living grass, the monthly savings from artificial grass quickly pays for itself – and continues to save you money year after year. In fact, artificial grass is one of the best investments you can make for your home.

Improve My Home

One way to start the new year off on an excellent note is by considering some home improvement projects. Artificial grass gives personality to home projects with unexpected color and texture, and it can improve the livability of your home, indoors and out. With artificial grass, you will enjoy a pristine, vibrant green space in every season. Plus, with very little maintenance and year-round beauty, Synthetic Grass installation in Dallas not only improves the beauty of your home but its value as well.

Spend More Time With Family

Are you looking for ways to spend more time with your family this year? By installing artificial grass, you can create inviting spaces and fun activities that make kids actually want to go outside. Whether you’re playing sports, or net games or you want to create a life-size chessboard on your artificial grass, you can use special paints to mark boundaries without damaging your lawn. Additionally, artificial lawns do not need weed killers, fertilizers, pesticides, or many other chemicals. For that reason, they are totally safe for children to play on. And for families with dogs and other pets, artificial grass is perfect for them too!

Happy New Year!

The Dallas landscaping team at The Perfect Lawn wants to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year! Whether you are starting big or small, resolutions are all about improving yourself or your quality of life. If you are ready to upgrade your lawn and enjoy all the benefits mentioned above, install artificial grass today. You will be glad you did.


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