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Artificial Grass installation is the best way to have lush green and low-maintenance lawns all year long.

We have hundreds of successful installations of artificial grass in the DFW area.

Here are some critical points to keep in mind when selecting your installer.

Artificial Grass installation experience

Synthetic grass serves various purposes.  Therefore, there are multiple brands, makes, and types available.

An experienced installer knows the difference between various options.  They will pick the most suitable options for your location and requirements.

They will prep the area correctly to complete a long-lasting installation.

Our team has decades of experience in Artificial grass installation.  We use best practices and procedures that enable an aesthetically appealing, environmentally responsible, cost-saving, and long-lasting landscape structure.

Signs of high-quality artificial grass installation

1.  Even ground before installation

The yard and other outdoor ground are most of the time uneven.  Tree roots, rocks, and variations in the dirt make it crooked.

For a good-looking, long-lasting, trouble-free installation of artificial grass, it is essential to even the ground first.

Our installation team ensures the ground is cleared and made even before installation starts.

2.  Proper water drainage

During rain, water can collect on the surface of the artificial grass if there is improper drainage.  This issue makes it unsightly and creates other problems.

Water can also accumulate under the installed grass installation.

Our professional installers are experts at setting up proper drainage, so this issue never happens.

3.  Regular joints and clean finish

Artificial grass installation is designed to make your outdoors beautiful all year round.

Any irregularities of joints or less than perfect finish can ruin the beauty.  It can also create more expensive repairs in the future.

Our expert artificial grass installers ensure all joins are done correctly, and all the finishes are perfect.

Artificial Grass Installation Customer Reviews

Click here to read the reviews our customers have shared.  These customers had hired us to either install new or perform maintenance and repair on their existing Artificial Grass Installation.

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