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Why Do Many Homeowners Prefer Artificial Grass?

Across America, lots and lots of people have lawns with natural grass that look wonderful. Nice and green and evenly-cut lawns are in every neighborhood in cities and towns all across the country. It all makes for a great environment that improves the quality of life. What if it could be made even better? Artificial grass can do that and it already has for many homeowners, commercial building managers, and property management companies. And those that have made the switch to a Artificial lawn, strongly prefer it over traditional grass.

What Makes a Artificial Lawn Better Than a Natural Lawn?

Artificial Grass Works Better

Think about it for a few moments. Beautiful, clean, evenly-cut grass doesn’t just grow that way. It has to be raised, nurtured, cared-for, weeded, watered, and occasionally it should be aerated. Artificial grass doesn’t need any of those things to look beautiful and evenly cut. There’s no cutting or other on-going maintenance with a Artificial lawn. What makes artificial grass very attractive to a lot of folks is:

  • No Fertilizing or Aerating
  • No Weeding
  • Natural Pest Control Means No More Pesticides
  • No Mowing, Trimming, or Edging
  • No Watering

Looks Are Everything

How many times have you scanned someone’s yard and thought it was absolutely beautiful … and then you saw a yellow spot? Or maybe a bunch of patches or dead grass around the trees? That’s a problem for natural grass. Another problem is damage from too much fertilizer burning the plants and the soil preventing grass from growing. 

And then there are the dandelions popping their lovely yellow heads out of the grass. The list of visual issues goes on and on, but the good news is that artificial grass simply doesn’t have those issues. When it comes to having, and maintaining, a beautiful green lawn, the deck is stacked against total success unless your yard is hermetically-sealed off from the rest of the world.

Taking Time

A lot of people enjoy taking care of their lawn and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s a great way to relax, get a little exercise, and spend time outdoors. But for people with disabilities, physical limitations, or busy schedules, the time required to take care of a lawn just isn’t there. 

Those hours can be spent engaged in other, more pleasant endeavors. Allergies, skin conditions, and other reactions to nature can keep a homeowner from spending time outside and creating dust storms with the lawnmower isn’t going to happen without a lot of complications. Suffice it to say that a artificial lawn is going to provide a lot more freedom to determine your schedule and not the lawn’s schedule.

Natural Lawn Costs versus Artificial Lawn Costs

When homeowners and property managers tally up the expenses they incur taking care of a natural grass lawn, the numbers can be surprising. The cost of a lawnmower, edger, trimmer, and fertilizer spreader. can be pretty intimidating nowadays Then there’s the cost of the fertilizers, weed killers and bug sprays. Add in the money spent to repair damaged areas, put in garden edging, and other weekend projects. 

You could pay someone else to take of it all. And don’t forget one of the biggest expenses of all – water, Water costs money and so does installing and maintaining a water sprinkling system. Obviously, artificial grass doesn’t come for free. Synthetic grass installation requires some landscaping to install properly. Once the installation is complete, the costs to maintain the synthetic lawn is almost nothing.

Better Grass, Better Life

Synthetic grass may not be for everyone, but for many people, it is the perfect solution for resolving a dilemma. How to have a beautiful, green evenly-cut lawn without all the on-going work, costs, and hassle? New silicon compounds combined with manufacturing and installation techniques have created a synthetic lawn that you can enjoy a picnic on or play a game of badminton over that feels and looks like real grass. There’s no need to spend hours and hours toiling on the yard if you don’t want to or you can’t manage it.


Synthetic Grass: Get The Perfect Lawn

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