Realistic Fake Grass Benefits Southlake Texas

Benefits of Realistic Fake Grass

Advances in artificial turf have resulted in natural-looking fake grass that is a far cry from the “astroturf” of the old days that you could spot from a mile away. This new cutting-edge breed of fake grass is realistic, sustainable, functional, and best of all, it’s virtually maintenance–free. Here’s a look at some of the most popular reasons homeowners upgrade to artificial grass.


Top 4 Fake Grass Benefits


1- Get your weekends back

One of the most popular pain points fake grass relieves is the constant maintenance natural grass requires. This is especially true for neighborhoods where HOAs are strict about front lawn requirements. By installing artificial grass, you can give yourself a beautiful lawn without sacrificing your weekends to maintenance.

A low-maintenance landscape is one of the most desirable benefits of fake grass.


2- Save money

On top of saving a lot of time, fake grass saves you money as well. Homeowners spend a fortune on mowing, weeding, fertilizing, winterizing, seeding, aerating, and more. Upkeep for 1000 square feet of traditional sod can cost about $2,400 over the course of a year. For fake grass, it’s less than $200. After five years, an artificial grass lawn could have saved you about \$10,000. After 15 years, you could have saved over $30,000. For this reason, artificial grass is considered one of the smartest and safest investments homeowners can make.

It takes less than 2 years for most homeowners to get a return on their artificial grass investment.


3- Natural pest control

Natural grass attracts grubs and other insects that thrive in natural soil. Insects attract other insects and in some cases larger pests, like raccoons, gophers, and snakes. However, pesticides pose dangerous threats to your family and pets. Synthetic Grass Dallas doesn’t involve this natural foundation needed for either weeds or pests to thrive, so it’s one less problem you have on your hands.

Artificial grass is a safer solution to pest control than harmful pesticides.


4- Environmentally friendly

Did you know that spending an hour behind a roaring lawn mower can spew nearly the same amount of oily pollution into the air as a 100-mile car trip? Or that according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), over one-third of residential water is used for lawn irrigation nationwide, totaling more than 4 billion gallons of water a day? This is why artificial grass is considered an environmentally-friendly alternative to real grass because it does not need to be mowed or watered. Additionally, fake grass doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides with chemicals in order to thrive, which eliminates the consequences of polluting the environment and poisoning those who come in contact shortly after natural grass treatment.

Do you part to reduce water usage and air pollution by switching to fake grass.


Install Fake Grass in Texas

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