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Most Popular Artificial Grass Installations

Artificial turf ​ is a durable, low-maintenance alternative to conventional grass lawns. It is increasing in popularity for use in front yards, backyards, play areas, dog runs, and other artificial grass installations.

Residential artificial grass can go many areas from large lawns, dog runs, and pool surrounds. There’s no space too big or too small that can’t be improved with premium artificial turf from The Perfect Lawn. While artificial grass installations have many uses, the most popular seven are listed below.

1- Artificial Lawns

Artificial grass can help transform your yard into a luscious green maintenance-free lawn year round. Our durable and long-lasting turf helps save you time and money spent watering, mowing, weeding and fertilizing. Additionally, realistic artificial grass, like what we install at The Perfect Lawn, looks so natural your neighbors won’t know the difference. As a hypoallergenic and eco-friendly alternative to regular grass, an artificial lawn is an ideal choice for many.

In addition to cutting down on water usage, you also reduce your contribution to pollution. This is because you won’t be using a lawnmower that spews gasoline vapors and exhaust fumes. From maintenance, sprinklers, pest control, and winterizing savings alone, artificial grass more than pays for itself. This is especially true in areas such as Dallas, where residents spend thousands to keep lawns healthy every year.

2- Synthetic Putting Greens

Many golf enthusiasts would love nothing more than to be able to step outside their back door straight onto their very own putting green. Backyard golf and putting greens are great fun and the popularity is growing at an incredible rate, especially in big cities such as Dallas. Installing a turf putting green on your property require expert design and installation techniques. The Perfect Lawn has the necessary industry experience and expertise in artificial grass installations for backyard golf and putting greens.

3- Artificial Grass Gardens

Using artificial grass for your garden offers you a practical solution to constant lawn care and allows other plants to flourish nearby. A lesser-known benefit to artificial grass is that it acts as a barrier to pests. Flower and vegetable gardens surrounded by artificial grass do not have real grass nearby for pests to hide and grow in. For this reason, both amateur and professional gardeners benefit from artificial grass installations as a healthier and safer alternative to pest control and harsh chemicals.

4- Artificial turf playgrounds

Artificial turf is a great way to create a fun and inviting look in a play area. While artificial grass serves as an aesthetic upgrade, it can also contribute to the safety of your little ones. Artificial turf for playgrounds is much more soft and safe than grass or wood chips. With artificial grass installation from The Perfect Lawn, your kids will be provided with a safe, eco-friendly play area that requires neither chemical use nor watering.

5- Sports Surfacing

Another popular use for artificial turf is for sports surfacing. In fact, artificial grass was originally created for use in sports pitches. This is because sports fields receive frequent, heavy use that regular grass would require a lot to maintain. Artificial grass installations allow athletes to play to the best of their abilities without the risk of injury. Whether you are wanting a turf field for soccer, football or other backyard sports, artificial grass is best for sports surfacing.

6- Synthetic Turf Dog Runs

One of the most popular artificial grass installations is for dogs and pets. There are plenty of reasons to choose artificial pet turf for your backyard or dog run. Artificial grass installations are a safe, low-maintenance option that is easy to clean and requires no chemicals. Urine scorched turf and bald patches of grass doesn’t make for a lawn that is particularly pleasing on the eye. With free draining synthetic grass installation, the large amounts of urine drain straight through the grass. This creates a much healthier environment for dogs to play in and less maintenance for the owners.

Additionally, muddy paws and mess don’t make for an easy life indoors. This quickly becomes a nightmare, particularly in winter months or after periods of heavy rainfall that can turn your real lawn into a mud bath. Pet owners who have had to scrub mud out of their carpet and floors, or take the time to wipe their dog’s paws every time they come inside will appreciate the mud-free environment of artificial grass installation.

7- Artificial Grass for Pool Areas

Splashing, diving, playing, and climbing in and out of the pool can quickly introduce a lot of water and damage the ground around your pool. Too much water is not good for grass or most plants, but an artificial grass lawn can handle excessive water just fine. The permeable backing also allows the water to properly drain so that you do not have to worry about puddles. Additionally, artificial turf is less likely to become slippery when wet. Which helps to increase the safety of your children, pets and guests. As an added bonus, our manufactured grass will not get muddy from all of that extra water; whereas, natural grass surely would.

Dallas Artificial Grass Installations

If you are located in North Texas, choose The Perfect Lawn as your artificial grass installers. We pride ourselves on having the highest-quality turf in the industry that looks and feels real. With competitive rates, word-class service, and highly-trained professional landscapers, we are DFW’s trusted and preferred company for artificial grass installations. No matter what artificial grass application you choose, we can help you achieve the perfect lawn. We proudly serve Dallas County, Collin County, Denton County, Richardson County, Rockwall County, and surrounding North Texas. For free quotes on artificial grass installations, please call our office at (972) 757-1575 now.