Vitorino Residence Deposit

Complete Installation of 1,438 square feet of Bermuda Natural including Odor Neutralizing Zeolite & Enzyme Infill for Pets. 67 linear feet of Commercial French Drain with 4" Perforated NDS Pipe & Drainage Stone. 10 Tons of additional DG Base to level yard and elevate taper to street. 98 linear feet of composite BendaBoard to separate turf and retain garden beds adjacent to house.

Homeowner is responsible for HOA Approval & Permission to access yard through corner fence with truck & trailer parked in street and ramp approximately 5' high leading from trailer to backyard crossing over the sidewalk. This is a continuation of the previously approved installation that was unable to be completed last year due to time constraints with receiving CO for move in and contractor delays.

Natural grass to be removed is causing excessive airborne allergens and mold spore levels in area frequently used by the homeowner and his family. An additional 10 tons of Decomposed Granite (DG) base material is required to level the main installation area, the yard will still taper towards the street. French Drain with 4" Perforated NDS Pipe & Drainage Stone will be installed at the base of the retaining wall to improve drainage and reduce water logging of soil in installation area. Any changes will require an approved Change Order.

Address: Monterey Drive, Frisco, TX 75034

Pricing valid until 1/31/19. Projected Start Date 2/4/18. Reference Invoice - 1811100523JV, originally submitted on 11/14/2018.

Total Project Price: $16,987.00

Deposit: $8,493.50 (Confirms Projected Start Date)

Final Payment Due Upon Completion: $8,493.50