Soni Residence Deposit

The Perfect Lawn will professionally install 284 square feet of Texas Bermuda Natural in your back yard and 53 square feet of decorative rock.

We will remove existing soil and grass prior to installation. We then will apply a commercial grade weed killer to the installation area. Then we will install a heavy duty weed barrier. A crushed stone base material will be installed to a depth of approximately 2-3 inches depending on drainage and leveling needs. This will be compacted to ensure a proper foundation is created for the artificial grass.

After completing the sub-base the artificial grass will be rolled out and trimmed to the specified dimensions. When necessary the turf will be seamed together with 6 inch landscaping staples and industrial seaming tape. All perimeter edges will be secured to the ground with 6 inch landscaping spikes approximately every 8 inches. The final step will be to infill the grass with natural silica sand to help the fibers stand up and provide cushion when walking on the grass.

Address: 4411 Lena Ln

Deposit Amount Due: $ 1,568.00

To secure the installation date please submit the 50% deposit.