Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to install The Perfect Lawn?

You can do it yourself for approximately $4-$5 per square foot or have it professionally installed for approximately $8-$10 per square foot. There is a considerable amount of base preparation required to install The Perfect Lawn which significantly contributes to the cost of installation.

Has The Perfect Lawn undergone testing?

Yes. The grass fibers used in the production of The Perfect Lawn have undergone many years of research and development, including extensive UV stability and wear resistance testing. The grass fibers we use have been installed on over 1 Billion sq. ft. of sports fields worldwide over the past 45 years.

Does The Perfect Lawn have a warranty?

Yes. The Perfect Lawn comes with a standard 8 year limited warranty against fading and workmanship. The product has a life expectancy of 25 years depending on use and weather. You can rest assured that The Perfect Lawn is a proven product.

The Perfect Lawn of North Texas provides a 1 year warranty on material and labor after the install date.

What about water drainage?

Since The Perfect Lawn has 3" of crushed rock under it and the artificial grass has holes in the backing material, it will actually drain up to 28 inches of water per hour, more than any natural soil.

Is artificial grass approved by Home Owners Associations?

Many Home Owners Associations have adopted the use of artificial grass into their bylaws. Click here to read requirements.

Is The Perfect Lawn safe for pets?

Yes. Almost 80% of people that have The Perfect Lawn have pets. In most cases they want artificial grass because of their pets! Liquid waste drains through the backing and solid waste is easily picked up.