Many HOA’s have adopted the use of artificial grass into their bylaws. We work directly with HOA’s to ensure the beauty and tradition of their communities are maintained despite water restrictions and a nationwide drought. We have provided the following as a guideline.

Requirements for Artificial Grass Installation:

The artificial grass product must be made of Polyethylene and have a minimum face weight of 50oz. with a permeable backing.

The color must be similar to the geographical area, preferably a blended multi-color monofilament fiber with thatch and a minimum pile height of 1 1⁄2”.

The following must be submitted with the Application for Architectural Improvement:

A sample of the product, including the model name and style

Complete product specification sheet from the manufacturer

The manufacturer’s warranty on the product being submitted

Photo(s) of the area to be covered by the artificial grass

Photo(s) of proximity areas as well as description of the method of installation

Front yard areas must retain a minimum of 30% of overall square footage as organic plant material, such as planter beds, bushes, shrubs, etc.

If an artificial grass area will meet a neighboring natural grass area, it must be separated with a barrier of at least 4 four inches of hardscape or a planter containing organic plant material.

Professional installation is required and must include a weed barrier and a properly prepared aggregate base for drainage. An infill system is required.

Required Maintenance: Artificial grass must be cleaned as necessary and periodically groomed to maintain its appearance.

Artificial grass products will be inspected annually after the expiration of the warranty period to ensure the aesthetic properties are maintained. The Board of Directors reserves the right to require replacement after the life expectancy has been reached, typically 20 years.