What is The Perfect Lawn?

The Perfect Lawn is the lawn you have always dreamed of. It never needs mowing or watering, you can install it anywhere, and it stays flawlessly green in the sun or the shade. The Perfect Lawn is artificial grass that is used in place of natural grass in residential and commercial landscapes. Our artificial grass has been installed in landscapes thoroughout the US and all over the world. We create the most realistic artificial grass and we sell our product directly to landscapers and homeowners. Our focus is making the highest quality artificial grass with the most realistic apperance.

Artificial Grass is the Intelligent Choice

When you choose to use The Perfect Lawn artificial grass as part of your landscaping you will save time, money and water. Artificial grass is the best alternative to natural grass and will maintain its value for well over 20 years. The savings of installing artificial grass can be realized in 3 - 4 years when compared to natural gras. You can install artificial grass yourself or hire a professional landscaper to complete the project for you. Most of the materials needed to complete your artificial grass installation can be purchased locally or directly through our company. We will ensure you have everything you need to complete your artificial grass project. 

The most realistic Artificial Grass ever created.

After 10 years of research and development we have made the most realistic and environmentally friendly artificial grass ever created. Our artificial grass is made with an exclusive blend of color to create the most natural appearance ever. We use a combination of recycled plastic, soybean based urethane and advanced polymers in our artificial grass. The Perfect Lawn is the most environmentally friendly synthetic grass ever. We use advanced polymers and components from DOW which ensures durable, long lasting artificial grass. We use the best components available. We are the world’s leading artificial grass supplier with showroom locations in seven countries - The United States, China, Germany, Italy, Korea, Thailand and Turkey.


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