Measure the width and length of the installation area. The grass comes in 15’ widths and lengths up to 100’. The grass must be installed with the grain facing the same direction. Determine the most efficient way to utilize 15’ sections of the grass with the fewest amounts of seams. Allow at least 2” of overlap for seams and borders. If you are ordering the "Do It Yourself Size" the grass comes in 5' X 10' rolls.

     Do It Yourself Size Example


      Commercial Size Example


Prior to Installation

Call your local utility department to survey the installation area before excavating. Use the necessary personal protective equipment to
prevent injury. Follow safety instructions regarding the use of chemicals and tools during the installation process. 

Base Preparation

Remove all sod and debris from the installation area. The base should be 3” below the top surface of the edging. Cover the base with a permeable weed barrier.

Base Construction

Distribute an even layer of crushed stone to the base. Use a landscape rake to ensure a smooth, flat surface. Lightly dampen the area and use a hand tamp to compact the base. For large installations use a plate tamper to compact the base. You will need a hand tamp to compact corners. The finished base should be 1” below the top surface of the edging.

Grass Installation 

Roll the grass on top of the compacted base. If you are installing more than one section of grass make sure the grain of the grass is laying in the same direction.


To seam the grass lay two sections next to each other. Fold back the edges of each section of grass to reveal the stitching on the backing. Cut between the two stitching rows closest to the outer edge of the grass. Fold over both sections to dry fit the seam. This will ensure the seam fits properly. Trim as necessary. Secure both sections of the grass and fold back each section to open the seam. Place a 6” strip of seaming tape evenly between the sections of grass. Secure each end of the seaming tape with 3". Remove the protective film to expose the adhesive. Carefully fold over one section of grass onto the seaming tape, then the other section to complete the seam.