Benefits of The Perfect Lawn

Why should you install The Perfect Lawn?



Reduce your water bill and maintenance costs.

Installing The Perfect Lawn can reduce your water bill by up to 70%. This not only helps you, but is also beneficial to the environment as it helps to drastically reduce the amount of wasted water. The other hassles and costs related to traditional lawn care such as lawnmowers, weed eaters, and fertilizer are eliminated. Enjoy a peaceful and beautiful yard without the noisy equipment.


Minimize the presence of mosquitoes, fleas, and pests.

You can finally enjoy your summer evenings without the constant buzzing and biting of mosquitoes. An artificial lawn means you are no longer sitting on a breeding ground for mosquitoes and gnats. Instead, you can have a lawn that is pest free.


Reduces seasonal allergies

Bugs are not the only discomfort that can be solved with artificial grass. Our protective weed barrier helps keep allergenic plants from growing in your yard. Spend less time sneezing and more time relaxing.

No more grass stains or muddy paw prints! 

Now children and pets can play outside without bringing the mess inside! The Perfect Lawn drains faster than natural soil, so that when it rains, those muddy puddles are no longer an issue.


Your lawn will not only be perfect but proactive.

The Perfect Lawn goes beyond providing homeowners with savings and comfort while reducing water waste. For every square foot of turf we install, we donate 25 gallons of drinking water to a developing country.  Our artificial grass helps our customers and our customers help others through their purchase. For more information please visit our Grass for Gallons page.

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