Artificial Grass 101


What you need to know before buying artificial grass or having it installed.

You can install The Perfect Lawn artificial grass yourself. We recommend you work with a professional landscaper to install The Perfect Lawn for larger areas. Most professional landscaper's have the equipment, staff and knowledge to complete your installation.

We will work with your Professional Landscaper or Artificial Grass Installation Company outside of our dealer territories.

You have a choice when installing artificial grass. We will work with any professional landscaper or artificial grass installation company. This will ensure you are buying an American made product with full warranty coverage.

Product & Warranty

There are 12 companies in the United States that manufacture artificial grass lawns. There are 1000's of distributors and resellers. Make sure to know the source of your product. Get a copy of the product warranty that is issued by the manufacturer. You should be able to contact the manufacturer to verify the installation company purchases their products. 

With a few exceptions the company installing your artificial grass lawn does not manufacture artificial grass. Make sure to get a copy of the manufacturers warranty during the estimate process. The manufacturer should have a website and toll free phone number. 

Keep a sample of the product that you ordered or that you were presented during the estimate. Make sure you know the model and the specifications. If you decide to have the artificial grass installed make sure to compare it to the product that is being installed.

Many distributors and resellers will sell imported and second quality (defective) artificial grass. In most cases this information will not be disclosed to you or the landscaper that may be purchasing from them.

Although artificial grass has been used in residential installations for the past 20 years, it has gained much more popularity in the past 10 years due to drought conditions. This has created significant growth in the market and has simultaneously created a surge of products that are low quality and several companies that make incorrect or false claims. 

We hope that you choose to have The Perfect Lawn installed at your home or business. However, if you are purchasing from another company and are unsure or suspicious of the origin of your product please use the Contact Us form to submit your inquiry.