Glendale resident urges city council to allow artificial turf May 06 2015

With California's record drought in mind, Glendale resident Katherine Alvarez tore out her front lawn. She was about to install artificial turf, when her contractor told her she could be fined $1,000 by doing so.

Glendale does not allow fake grass in front lawns.

"I thought it was crazy! We're in a drought!" Alvarez said.

Alvarez is raising four grandchildren at her home and says drought-tolerant plants don't make sense for her.

"If I go with the rock, the gravel, the mulch, it's not a soft and friendly environment for children to play on and that would mean they're playing in the street, which I do not want," Alvarez said.

Gov. Jerry Brown's office says cities and homeowners associations currently have the right to regulate artificial turf.

Glendale spokesman Tom Lorenz said the Glendale City Council adopted its rule long ago.

"It has to do with the front yard, drought scape that you have and whether it's living and green," Lorenz said.

Alvarez urged the city council Tuesday to amend the rule.

"I've talked to all my neighbors and they have said they want to do artificial grass," Alvarez said.

Mayor Ara Najarian said he supported bringing the issue up for discussion.

"I would like this to be brought forward as quickly as possible for no other reason than we are in the midst of a drought," Najarian said.