California Drought Redefines Fire Season March 10 2015

Lodi- A brush fire in the Lodi Lake nature area is a sign that the fire season is getting an early start.

With temperatures in the 80’s and little rain this winter means an early fire season for all of northern California.

“The vegetation, the grass, the brush, they are much drier than they should be in a normal winter,” said CAL FIRE spokesperson Daniel Berlant.

The Lodi Lake nature area has heavy brush, which residents like, but firefighters say it can be a danger to nearby homes and that hikers have to be cautious. The brush fire was difficult to access, but it was put out with the help of some jet skis which were able to throw water onto the fire.

Berlant says there have already been more than 250 wildland fires since the beginning of the year and that they plan to hire seasonal fire fighters about two months early.

“We’re definitely preparing for what could be an early fire season,” said Berlant.

The fire was probably man caused, but it is still under investigation.