Thieves Try to Steal Artificial Grass from Stockton Home February 11 2015

Guess you could say they were green with envy!!

A Stockton homeowner says it may have been a crime of opportunity after realizing someone actually tried stealing his artificial grass. 

Fortunately, the thief couldn't get by the many spikes that were anchoring the grass to the ground. 

"When they pulled it up, I think the seam sort of pulled apart right there," homeowner Michael Padilla told News10. 

He says he bought the artificial grass just a year ago to save water during this drought.

Padilla was leaving his home Monday when he noticed a good number of spikes pulled out from the grass and that's when he realized someone had tried stealing it. 

"I thought if I was ever going to be a victim it would be someone breaking into my backyard or into my house, not my lawn. Desperate times, I guess," he said. 

He says it looks like the thief gave up after probably realizing how long it was going to take to remove all the spikes.

Since then, the artificial grass has been fixed and is secured to the ground once again.