Play Turf: Pioneering safer playgrounds October 09 2014

Matthew Avery and Cullen Elam have partnered to resurrect a modern day version of a business that Avery’s grandfather, Pat Avery, helped pioneer more than 50 years ago.

Play Turf in Rome, is a reincarnation of the old Avery Sports Turf, which operated from the Celanese complex in Rome for many years.

Avery said Play Turf sells artificial grass for playgrounds, landscape areas; multi-purpose sports fields, even doggy areas. “We’ve got a special product that a dog can relieve himself on,” Avery said. “We have a special in-fill system that goes inside the turf that eliminates odor.” He said the company recently put about a half acre of that particular turf in an Atlanta condominium development that was designed to be dog friendly.

His grandfather, Pat Avery, was one of the pioneers of the artificial turf industry back in 1958, while Matthew’s father, George Avery, owned several manufacturing companies that made the artificial grass product.

Today, the company’s primary product is a playground turf, which effectively replaces mulch and pea gravel, making it wheelchair accessible and maintenance free. “For daycare owners and schools there is zero liability,” Avery said.