Homeowners turn to artificial turf for easy-to-maintain, evergreen lawns July 15 2014

Keeping yards lush and green during the intense Oklahoma summer heat can be tricky.

But experts say it can be done with regular maintenance.

Or if you like the idea of never again watering, fertilizing and cutting your grass, join the growing number of people who have abandoned their lawns to embrace artificial grass.

Replacing grass with turf has been trending in places such as California and Florida for the past 10 to 15 years but just recently caught on here, said Tony Espino, owner of Grass Concepts.

There are three types of customers who want turf in their yards, he said.

One category includes the commercial or small business such a dog grooming facility or veterinarian. The turf is preferred for these businesses that cater to animals because the liquid waste filters down into the soil rather than killing the live grass.

Child day care centers also purchase the grass because it is soft for children to run and play on and does not die in the offseason.

“The second type of client does not want to water and tend their grass so their are willing to pay for it upfront so they can have green grass year-round,” Espino said.

These clients typically have smaller yards, he said.

“We do a lot of homes in the midtown area. It makes more financial sense on a smaller lot. It obviously doesn’t make sense if you have two acres of land,” Espino said.

And the third type of client buys the turf for a home recreational area, such as a putting green.

“It saves them time and adds value to the home. All they have to do is take 10 steps out the back door to practice putting,” Espino said.

Grass Concepts opened in 2013, he said, and this time of year is their peak sales period.