Fake grass on green is fine by me! May 12 2014

THE chairman of Bourton Parish Council has defended a patch of fake grass laid on part of the village green, after some residents said it has aged.

As previously reported, parish councillors voted in favour of testing the artificial grass, after their former vicechairman Richard Johnes pointed out some of the patches were looking threadbare in places due to being trampled by tourists.

The 30-square metre patch turf, made by Easigrass, was installed last December on one of the verges between the path and the river which had been wearing away. The artificial grass is designed to be more hard-wearing and was installed to help the council cut down on its repair costs as it is likely to last for 10 years before it needs replacing.

But councillor Tim Faulkner, vice-chairman of Bourton Parish Council, told members at last Wednesday’s meeting that he had received one of two adverse comments now the grass had aged a bit. “In the event we consider spending some more money in that direction, we want to know it works long term,” he said.

Clerk Sue Cretney added: “It does need maintenance.” But speaking after the meeting, chairman Bryan Sumner defended the artificial turf.

“I think it’s wonderful,” he said. “I don’t think it’s aged at all. It’s just as it was when it was laid down. There is no problem at all with it. It might need sprucing up.

“With artificial grass you brush sand into it to spruce up the fronds of the grass. I think it’s a success but we had no plans to lay anymore.

“That was what we did as a trial piece, we don’t intend to extend it. Just because there’s a couple of residents who may think it’s aged – in my opinion it’s wonderful.”