Australians Turning to Artificial Grass to Lower Maintenance Costs April 18 2014

Many Australians are installing artificial grass lawns because they want a green, soft, lush lawn every day of the year, but they are also enjoying another benefit: massive reduction in yearly maintenance costs.

The climate in the Perth area is not conducive to growing a perfect natural grass lawn. Summer brings heat, dry days and water restrictions. Winter brings rain and with it mud. It costs a lot of time and money to keep a natural lawn up to minimal standards, but the expenses for keeping a natural grass lawn perfect the entire year can be staggering.


It takes a lot of time to keep a perfectly maintained natural lawn. Mowing, fertilising, watering, weeding and trimming all take time, and time is worth money. When the total hours of work are multiplied by the average hourly pay for most Australians, the time component costs a lot of money.


Not only does mowing take time, but so does the maintenance on the mower. Mowers can cost in the thousands, depending on whether they want a tractor, riding mower or just a push mower. Mowers need petrol to run and oil to maintain them. Parts such as cords often break and need to be bought and installed. It all adds up to a lot more money than one would imagine at first glance.

Water Consumption

Maintaining a perfect natural lawn requires a lot of water. Water for sprinkling can cost up to half of one’s water bill in the dry months. It is also problematic due to Perth’s chronic water restrictions. In addition, sprinkler systems are expensive to buy and can add to maintenance costs when sprinkler heads break.


To keep a natural lawn in Perth green, it is necessary to fertilise often. This can be costly and time consuming.


Similar to fertilising, it is essential that a Perth lawn be seeded often to retain the “perfect” look. In addition to buying the seeds, it is also necessary to buy a spreader. This is another expense that can add up quickly.

Weeding and Trimming

Natural grass lawns need to be weeded and that requires both chemicals and physical labour. Trimming requires buying a trimmer and the petrol or electricity to run it. Also, the cord often has to be replaced.