Artificial Grass by The Perfect Lawn. Dallas - Fort Worth

The Perfect Lawn is your premier nationwide source and installer of artificial grass. We offer the most professional installation and highest quality synthetic grass installation services in North Texas, Dallas & Fort Worth. The Perfect Lawn is the most realistic artificial grass ever created.

Have you seen the news lately?  Have you seen our lakes lately?  Drought has lowered the water to an alarming level—so much so that recently, more than 13 communities have been told by local government that they can only water one day a week.  Stage 3 drought measures, as they’re called, are aimed at lowering water usage in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area by at least 10 percent.

How can you achieve that and still keep your property looking fresh and green?  How can you continue to re-seed and re-sow when you know that you’re almost guaranteed to fail?  Think of the loss in time and money.  Think of the end result of your property looking spotty and brown.

The Perfect Lawn’s answer is artificial turf.  Artificial grass looks green and trimmed all year round.  It never needs to be watered, mowed, fertilized or weeded.  Artificial turf also reduces pollen for those who have allergies.  Plus, it minimizes fleas and ticks for the family and pets, and it practically eliminates mud puddles and other dirt that can be brought into the house.

By installing artificial turf in Dallas, The Perfect Lawn estimates you’ll save an average of 70% on your water bill, whether you’re a home owner or a business owner.  You’ll also conserve water—lots of it.  The EPA states that the “typical suburban lawn consumes 10,000 gallons of water above and beyond rainwater each year.”   We always tell our children to shut the door so we’re not heating or cooling the outdoors.  Surely we don’t think it’s okay to water the entire outdoors?

The Perfect Lawn artificial grass offers the highest quality, most-realistic products on the market.   The fibers used in the production of The Perfect Lawn have undergone many years of research and development, including extensive UV stability and wear resistance testing.  Consider having a relatively maintenance-free lawn of Dallas artificial turf that will last up to 25 years!  The Perfect Lawn makes a great play area for kids and it will even stand up to your dog. Liquid waste drains through the backing and solid waste is easily picked up.

Additionally, with all the water our product saves, The Perfect Lawn will donate 25 gallons of drinking water to a developing nation for every square foot of artificial grass sold.  So, you’ll be helping yourself by saving money and water and you’ll be helping another person have access to clean drinking water.

See for yourself just how realistic artificial grass can be. Order your Free Sample today!